Damn Good Spices.

About Son of a Gun

Located in the rainy Pacific Northwest, we have worked hard to prove that even us Washingtonians can produce a damn good bbq.

Our company, The Spice Hut, has been producing custom and original blends and spices for nearly 15 years, and this has been an important process for us to establish Son of a Gun, a fun and whimsical take on wild west grilling, and loaded with more flavor than you could imagine.

Snake Bite Flat Iron Reserve Blend Tennessee Whiskey

Snake Bite

This is our seasoning with a KICK. Lots of delicious spice to this blend. Packed full of flavor, with just enough of a bite to excite you and your friends.

Flat Iron Steak

Herby, natural flavors in the first bite. Works well as a meat tenderizer, the saltiness is absorbed to produce a juicy outcome.

Reserve Blend

Sweet and spicy flavor. A brown sugar base makes food have a refreshing sweet taste, and the cayenne pepper gives a mild kick to the meal. Lower in sodium. The smokey after tones in this rub are great for grilling.

Tennessee Whiskey BBQ

A mild southwest flavor packed with rich ingredients and a bit of vest for next level barbecuing. A well rounded, all-purpose seasoning great for quick and easy cooking.

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